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Why I am moving to Africa

In a few weeks I’ll be taking a one-way flight to Rwanda to see what happens.

I’ve left my job, given up my flat and will be landing in a continent I have been to only once, when I was 11 years old.

The people I’ve spoken to have, understandably, had some questions about such a decision, and so I thought I would get down in words the recurring themes that come out when I tell them.

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Since joining Facebook, the pressure to have an impressive profile picture has been an ongoing concern.

In order to counter this worry, I have resorted to taking semi-frequent trips to exotic locations, in the hope that I might be snapped next to something stunning, and therefore evoke the impression that I lead interesting life.

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Performing stand up comedy

On 14th November, in a packed out upstairs room in a pub near London Bridge, I was about to get on stage and deliver my first set of stand up comedy. After a wink from the MC, I stepped on stage, took a deep breath, and let the supportive cheers from the audience die down as I cleared my throat to begin to speak.

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How to know if where you live is “up and coming”: fried chicken vs. coffee shops

This was a piece that I first published on Medium, and which went on to be covered by numerous newspapers, broadcasters and even BBC Newsnight.

You can read the original Fried Chicken Map article here.

Default Vegetarianism

An approach to eat less of a certain food type, without cutting it out completely

I’ve recently been having conversations with people about my approach to eating meat, and so I thought I’d condense my thoughts about it, in case anyone else was interested.

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