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How to know if where you live is “up and coming”: fried chicken vs. coffee shops

This was a piece that I first published on Medium, and which went on to be covered by numerous newspapers, broadcasters and even BBC Newsnight.

You can read the original Fried Chicken Map article here.

Default Vegetarianism

An approach to eat less of a certain food type, without cutting it out completely

I’ve recently been having conversations with people about my approach to eating meat, and so I thought I’d condense my thoughts about it, in case anyone else was interested.

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Finding a Decent Profile Pic

Finding a Decent Profile Pic
Hagley, United Kingdom
Hagley, United Kingdom The second task of the South American sojourn was to Find a Decent Profile Pic, and after many many snaps, I finally found one that I was happy with. As it happened, it wasn’t the amazing landscape: rainforests, rivers, mountains, glaciers or caves that hit me most, but the people I met. Staying with Felix and his family was an very humbling experience, and they were just one of the few very kind and interesting groups of people that I met along the journey. That I managed to get a photo without me smiling garishly was also a bonus… The other photos are a collection of the other potential ones that could’ve taken its place, along with some Outtakes from along the way. The loss of camera in 7.1 prevents me uploading a richer collection of me sneezing, yawning, scratching my head and generally looking unimpressed in the foreground of what would have been something interesting I am sure. It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine me photobombing in front of a stunning landscape though I’m sure…
And this therefore concludes the “Finding Myself. And a Decent Profile Pic” blog.
Thank you for your contact and comments whilst I’ve been away.

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