9.5 Puno

samfloy~27 January 2013 /Latin America/Travels

Puno, Peru
Sunday, January 27, 2013

The trip out to Lake Titicaca was bookended by a couple of top meals in Puno.

There was not much else I saw of the town apart from Hostel room, bus station and two restaurants. However in the grand scheme of things, I’m not overly fussed.

Dinner on the first night was with Stuart from the Inca Trail. On top of the traditional Peruvian dishes, we opted for the national “delicacy” – Guinea Pig.

It tastes as good as it looks…

We were able to compare stories from back home, and in the process thought some more about: England, London lunches, and Patagonia. We also left open the possibility of meeting up in La Paz.

The final evening in Puno was spent with some guys from the Lake Titicaca trip, and a couple of others.

On the recommendation from their hostel we located a small, local restaurant and spent the evening chatting about all sorts of topics: language derivations, the future of agriculture, and local drinking games. They loved the concept of Deal or No Deal.

In our posse was: an American, a German, an Indian, and four Danish girls.

All had colourful tales to tell, and it’s always interesting to get perspectives from different cultures. I also picked up some tips for when I go to to the South of the continent.

A cultural difference that amused the four guys was the Danes’ aversion to jelly.

All of them were flummoxed by its colour, taste, and consistenty, and I’m pretty sure one of them shed a tear in all the confusion.

Having doubled up on dessert it was time to depart our separate ways and leave for Bolivia in the morning.

Roast Guinea Pig
Bus out of Puno
Bit of Puno culture