An update to the newsletter after 4 years

samfloy~20 June 2020 /Personal

After some deliberation I think it’s time to reduce the frequency of this weekly newsletter. 

The past few months I’ve been feeling the quality has slipped a bit, and writing something I’m happy with each week isn’t quite as easy as before. Also, now that I don’t live in East Africa (which was the original purpose of the newsletter) I’m a bit unclear on what a common thread should be.

If you’re new to the newsletter, you may interested in the backstory:

My general philosophy is to only do something if I can do it well, and I feel it’s not fair to (implicitly) ask people to spend time reading something halfheartedly thrown together on a Friday afternoon.

Sharing some updates and things to think about on a monthly basis though seems achievable.

I’ll aim to do it on the first Saturday of the month. That means there’ll be a pause next week before the new format kicks off on 4th July.

For those with it from the beginning, thanks for sticking with the current format for the past 202 weeks! 

In other news…

I’ve recently been captivated by the podcast/ audio series Tunnel 29 (SpotifyAppleBBC).

My friend recommended it, and so I started listening to the first episode whilst cooking one evening. From there, I was hooked.

That night, rather than watch TV, I laid down on the sofa just listening. It was like (I imagine) settling in to listen to the wireless in years gone by.

Anyway, if you’re after a few hours of top-notch storytelling, then I’d highly recommend!

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