23 November 2019

What are the next things to seem outdated?

Over lunch this week my cousin and I got chatting about things from fairly recent history which now seem archaic. The example he gave was someone being in Las Vegas and finding people smoking indoors in the casinos. Smoking indoors was banned in the UK in 2007, and (whilst I wasn’t spending that much time in pubs […]

16 November 2019

Being more disagreeable

This week I’ve been thinking about how to communicate when I disagree with someone. It might sound pretty straightforward, but it’s something I’ve generally struggled with over the years. In effect, not wanting to offend others if I hold a contradictory view to theirs. Below are some of my thoughts. It ended up being longer […]

9 November 2019

Communes <--> Cafes: Visiting a range of co-working spaces in Copenhagen

My main task this week was to stop working from home. Since moving to our apartment I’ve taken to doing “laptop stuff” (it might be a stretch to call it work at the moment) from either the living room table, or one of the many excellent libraries in the city. Both are good for getting silent work […]

2 November 2019

Cash, Goats and Zebras

This week we’re talking about cash in Denmark. Or rather the lack of it. Since arriving in Copenhagen I’ve been using Revolut to do my purchases. It’s one of those modern debit cards (linked to my UK bank account) that doesn’t charge fees for overseas spending. Once I’m fully over the line with Project Danish Residency […]

26 October 2019

What’s happening in Copenhagen: A rhythm to Copenhagen begins to emerge

Aside from trying to keep abreast of what’s happening (or not) with Brexit, this week has been fairly uneventful. I thought it might be interesting to share an update on how life in Denmark has been going, six weeks in… Danish classes have reached their halfway point and I can now ask simple “What/ Who/ […]

19 October 2019

Money can’t buy a queue jump in Denmark

This week a post about my first real experience of feeling the oft-spoken “Danish equality”, at the cost of getting drenched on a Friday night. The “potato holiday” It’s all started because Danes love potatoes. The second week in October in Denmark is a school holiday, historically because all hands were needed in the fields to help […]

12 October 2019

Scandi furniture + Kenyan flowers

Yesterday afternoon I made a trip to IKEA. I was hoping that being in Scandinavia would make it some utopian, joyful experience but alas it was very similar to the normal IKEA experiences people have: stressful, disorientating, and resulting in the same fatigue you get from walking around a museum. To reconcile myself I sought […]

5 October 2019

Naked in Berlin: A sojourn to Germany + trip to a spa

I spent the second half of last week in Berlin. Without planning to, my girlfriend and I got naked with a bunch of Germans. A timely opportunity The chance for a trip came at quite an opportune moment. Camilla (my girlfriend) and I both had friends in the city who were about to leave, and […]

28 September 2019

How many eggs can you fit in an Uber?

This week, a story from my last few weeks in Kenya (eluded to here): the day my friend and I went with John Mayai and filled up two Ubers with eggs. It’s a good example of the struggles and differences in the mindset that come with running a micro-business in East Africa. Plus, a quiz at […]

21 September 2019

In search of a Danish petrol station…

At the weekend my university friend came to visit in Copenhagen. Along with a museum visit and a night out in the meatpacking district* we cycled out along the oceanfront in search of a petrol station. This was not because we needed to fill up, but because the old Texaco station has become a bit […]