6 March 2019

South African homeless hustle

I’m in Cape Town at the moment (for work) after spending a few days with friends and parents on an island in Central Kenya (pics below). The work side of things in South Africa has been going well, essentially speaking with corporate leaders about their plans to get “data-driven” and then helping them with a […]

23 February 2019

City girl farmers: Farm trip north of Nairobi to see two women in their 20s

Last weekend I visited a farm run by two pretty cool women. Cate and Sylvia (both 28) were in office jobs until last year. Cate, an accountant, and Sylvia, working in HR, felt they wanted to get out and about more and so quit their jobs and got into farming. Cate is a friend of […]

16 February 2019

“Wild” Kenyan lunches

One of the comforting aspects of being in Kenya is that you’ve never far from a chapati. Wherever there’s population density it’s possible to find a small set-up that can serve you food at an affordable price. What’s amazing is the consistency in what is offered. There are several staple foods including beans, ugali (cooked […]

15 December 2018

Hiking Mount Kenya

Last weekend I climbed Mount Kenya. It was 4 days and 3 nights in the National Park on the equator and offered up some pretty phenomenal views. See here

8 December 2018

Hypothesis on sugary tobacco vs sports betting in Kenya

There’s a concept in economics of substitute goods. Basically if the demand one for one product goes, demand for another goes down. If pasta becomes super popular then you might see sales in couscous go down (substitute good). Other products though, such as tomato sauce, may instead go up in demand (complementary goods). Anyway, two […]

17 November 2018


For the most part, I dress incredibly boring. I’d say 280/365 days a year I wear the same (type of) blue chino trousers, and will rotate a few basic T-shirts/ jumpers depending on the season. Which in Kenya, ranges from bit chilly – quite hot – pretty hot. When it comes to shoes, I was […]

10 November 2018

Mini Mango Adventure

A series of events led to me being able to take a day off work yesterday. I decided to spend it going to a mango farm about an hour out of Nairobi to scope out its commercial potential.

3 November 2018

Flatmates (or not): Living alone in Kenya

My Kenyan friends in Nairobi have a similar outlook on a lot of things that my friends elsewhere do, though occasionally there’ll be an instance where there’s just a fundamental difference. One emerged over lunch on Thursday with my colleague. Francis and I got onto who we’re living with and he said: “I mean… I just […]

20 October 2018

Video Games: Who knew that Korea was the mecca for gaming?

Have you thought much about the business of video games? I’m not particularly a gamer but a few weeks ago I did a podcast interview with someone who spoke about how it’s a massive industry that is waiting to find its time in Africa. The root of where the lucrative deals come is by turning […]

13 October 2018

Soweto + Imperative to know yourself

I’m writing this on the plane back from Johannesburg to Nairobi. My two week trip to South Africa felt like 95% work, and so was predominantly spent getting a hustle on with various companies I met/ was trying to meet, and giving Uber some good custom.  The weekend was probably a more interesting thing to […]