Doing nothing for a day

samfloy~27 October 2018 /Random

Last weekend a group of us rented a house in the Kenyan countryside (see views below).

There was no phone signal/ wifi/ at times electricity which meant we were “back to our roots” in terms of no technological distraction.

As such, everyone just spoke to each other and did the simple things for a long Saturday afternoon and lazy Sunday morning.

There was collecting firewood to make a fire, cooking a meal together, watching the sunset and talking about all sorts of “big stuff” things you (or least I) don’t get the chance to do in every day.

When we reflected on our reflections (meta, I know) the key thing we all felt how paradoxically easy and hard it was to do, basically nothing.

On the one hand, we were literally just sitting down and speaking with each other. But on the other, we’d had to go to all this effort to get ourselves in a situation where we could switch off and “do nothing”.

So, if you’re unsure of what to do this weekend, and need a nudge to take some time out, I’d encourage you to get comfortable doing nothing.

Once you get over the initial anxiety of “ugh, this is my only free time in the week and I’ve got so much to do”, it can be incredibly relaxing to just watch the sunset, or spend time observing the wind blowing through a tree. 

Note, that I can’t promise I’ll be this zen next week…

In other news…

A new podcast series I’ve been getting into is the LSE Public Lectures. Lots of interesting topics covered by eminent thinkers in that field.

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