External Factors: Ups and Downs and What’s in Your Control

samfloy~17 March 2018 /Advice

This week I’ve been reflecting on what’s out of your control, in relation to what you can control.

The work I spend most of my time on (providing data analytics training to companies) requires talking with prospective customers to understand their needs, and then whether what we have is a fit.

Many parts of the process are in my control (Did I use the right tone of voice? Did I ask the right questions? Did I follow up accordingly?) however others, I’m finding, simply are not.

The two are somewhat dependent i.e. if I ask for a follow-up call in a timid manner, this is less likely to yield a positive result than doing so in an assertive way, however, on the whole, sometimes you just don’t get someone at the right time, and things don’t work.

The beginning of the week had a few “rejections” which obviously isn’t great, however towards the end, things seemed to come together.

The interesting thing (and hence the focus of the post) is how I don’t feel my performance drastically varied. 

It got me thinking how whilst we are typically measured on our external performance, if you’re in a role with a lot of interaction with the outside world, it’s not a true reflection of how you did.

For that, one needs to look internally at the actions you take. 

Now, you may feel that your internal performance has still been very good, and yet the results aren’t coming.

This then might mean that you should validate your self-confidence, or indeed find another environment where your good performance is better suited.

You might be the best salesperson in the world, but if you’re going out selling fax machines, you’re not likely to have a good external performance (unless you go to Japan).

All this is to say that when reflecting on the work you do, don’t judge it solely on the external results, especially if there are other factors determine the outcome.

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