Fasting + Gareth Southgate

samfloy~14 July 2018 /Random

Last weekend was pretty indulgent and so I decided to just not eat again until I got hungry. That ended up being Wednesday.

In the past I’ve flirted with fasting, basically skipping a few meals, and always end up feeling better afterwards.

I’d challenge you to give it a go.

Now, if you’re anything like I was, you’ll have a flood of skepticism and reasons why it won’t work: I’ll start losing concentration when I get hungry, I’ll get lethargic etc, etc.

Which is all valid.

However, it’s also because your body has been primed for most of your life to receive a dose of calories every few hours, and so when it’s missing it gets in a little frenzy.

But what happens if you get through the window is that it starts saying “Right, OK, where else can we get this energy from” which is when some good stuff happens.

Your body then switches to reserve stores of energy (i.e. fats) and parts of your brain that normally lay dormant become active again.

Both of these have positive effects for both your metabolism, mental sharpness, and in the long term, longevity.

As a side note, this last point makes me feel there should be a book called Live; Fast; Die Old.

Anyway, all this is to say that if you can get over the initial hunger pang (which can often we satiated with water/ tea) then it’s worth being at least open-minded to the idea of giving it a go.

The following articles will give a good introduction to the concept:

At a minimum, that first meal back will taste absolutely delightful.

In other news…

To lighten the mood from those suffering from football blues, take a look at the #GarethSouthgateWould stream on Twitter.

Social media gets a lot of slack, but being able to contribute and aggregate stuff like this, in my eyes, makes the world (even a tiny bit) a better place.

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