History class of 2119: What from “today” will be in the history classes in 100 years

samfloy~2 March 2019 /Random

I remember my Mum being horrified when I came from school one day (aged 8) and told her about how I’d learnt about The Beatles in history class. We’d learnt about how the music was a big part of world culture and they’d been a defining band of the generation.

For my Mum, that was just her being a teenager.

A dinner conversation topic this week tried to pre-empt this feeling: what events that have happened in the last 0-20 years will be taught as “history” in 50-100 years?

The shortlist we had was:

The room was split on whether Obama or Trump would be the most remembered US President.

In terms of looking back ~100, rather than just ~50 years, it’s interesting to see what’s stuck. 

I’m sure there’ll have been things at the moment which seemed significant, but it may have not passed the test of time to be relayed to future generations as a memorable event/ occurrence. 

I’d be very interested to hear what things you think from the last 0-20 years will be in the history classes of the future. Please do have a think and let me know!

In other news…

Last week I went to a live recording of a BBC World Service show called World Book Club. It’s quite a high brow, but nevertheless a very interesting experience to listen to an author talk about one of their books.

Team BBC came to Kenya to interview Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, one of Kenya’s most prominent authors, about a book he wrote 50 years ago.

It was very enjoyable and will be up on the BBC (probably through the BBC Sound app) tomorrow morning if you’re interested.

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