Looking at the sky: Making sense(ish) of the zodiac

samfloy~9 February 2018 /Random

So this week I came to the realisation that I knew very little about horoscopes (Aries, Taurus, Leo, etc.).

Out camping, last weekend gave us an excellent view of the stars, brought to life my friend who is a whizz when it comes to astrology.

We were able to spot various constellations and distant stars in the night sky which sparked how much there was to learn about all that was going on up there.

There were various things I was always unsure of:

Well, inspired by the trip I read a Wikipedia article.

It turns out that the 12 signs each correspond to a 30° segment of the night sky. Aries is 0-30° in longitude, and so starts everything off.

Zodiac translates literally as “circle of little animals” in Ancient Greek which is why each constellation is named after a creature.

Cancer means crab in Latin which resembles a cluster of stars in the 90-120° section of the sky. It is said that Hippocrates treated tumours that, to him, looked like crabs and so-called them so. Over time, any cancerous cells were referred to as such.

So there you have it. 

Stuff like looking at the stars (to me at least) certainly gets you thinking about how creative people were before electricity served as our main source of entertainment.

In other news…

In the flat, we’ve been getting philosophical and discussing what is happiness?

Our favoured definition (whilst casually sipping on morning coffees/ green teas) is:

“The key to happiness is a leisurely breakfast”

Would be interested if you have any thoughts of your own!

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