Losing my wallet: No longer using cash, it would seem

samfloy~21 April 2018 /Random

No, I’ve not been robbed.

I did, however, find my wallet yesterday tucked away in my rucksack. I haven’t touched it in a week.

It’s at the stage where I’ve become completely normalised to just having my phone, such as the prevalence of mobile money (M-Pesa, in Kenya).

The most noticeable difference has been the “pocket patting” sequence I take upon leaving the house.

Maybe it’s a guy thing (i.e. putting things in pockets not bags) but there’s a little dance that happens when heading out which goes: “phones, keys, wallet” as you check you have them in each different pocket.

Now, this dance is just “phone, keys” which means my brain has been rewired to rely on my phone as the source of all money exchanges. When I head back for a trip to Europe in a few weeks this might become an issue…

In other news…

This is my new go to breakfast-making song (from a 1980s Malian dance band) 

Amadou & Mariam feat. Manu Chao – Sénégal Fast Food

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