Mountains + Mum (& Dad)

samfloy~9 March 2019 /Random

This week I’ve ended up watching a couple of documentaries all about mountains.


is the film version of Mountains of the Mind, by Robert MacFarlane. It’s one that I recommend to anyone who shows a modicum of interest in mountaineering, as it traces man’s evolving relationship with mountains and is written beautifully.

Free Solo

documents a person attempting to climb a notoriously difficult rock face in Yosemite… but without a rope. It features numerous professional rock climbers saying stuff like “there’s no way in hell I’d do that” and “it’s the equivalent of doing an Olympic event where if you don’t get Gold… you’re dead”. Again, it shows jaw-dropping scenes of dizzying heights and shows how certain people get a thrill being on the edge. Interestingly the lead character is pretty timid in other domains, and it’s just as interesting to see him in “normal life”, especially interacting with his seemingly polar opposite girlfriend.

On the Kenya front, the main mountain news is that the Mount Kenya National Park is experiencing forest fires. It’s all clear now, but for several days certain routes were aflame, which is all quite sad. 

In case you missed it, the write up of when I did Mount Kenya last year is here, and also offers some lusher pics of the range. 

Things seem to be contained now, and so hopefully everything returns to normality.

In other news…

My parents are in town. They’ve done a tour of  Ethiopia and are now visiting Kenya for a few days before returning home. This weekend we’re staying at a lake in central Kenya which will, I’m sure, afford a good pic or two for next week’s newsletter.

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