Phoneboxes of Instagram

samfloy~7 July 2018 /Random

Quick one this week as I write this on the way down to Dorset (South West England). Another friend from school is getting married, mental.

This week I walked past someone getting their picture inside one of the iconic red phone boxes.

The original function of phoneboxes has completely gone (everyone has a mobile), but they still have some use – for adorning tourists looking to capture a snap of their time in London.

I once tried to get the data on Phone Calls Made from Red Phoneboxes vs Photos on Instagram featuring a Red Phonebox.

When I emailed the Head of Data at BT however said it was commercially sensitive information and so such a visualisation doesn’t seem like it could be made for the time being.

Anyway, it got me thinking about other objects/ services whose original function has become obsolete, but which people still find useful. Anything you can think of?

In other news…

The England game tomorrow kicks off during the wedding service. Despite much-concerted effort on our Whatsapp group the votes for setting up a big screen in the church are at 14 to 1.

Anyway, if things the result goes well, there’ll no doubt be a chorus of Football’s Coming Home, England’s adopted national anthem. If you’re interested, here’s the background on the song:

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