14 September 2017

Excel/ Google Sheets Training

Overview A lot of companies use programmes such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to run the core operations of their business. It’s often a major component of the workforce’s working day and yet they have typically been left to figure out how to use it, without any formal training. As a result, there’s lots […]

13 September 2017

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a relatively new term to describe a fundamental concept: getting a better understanding of your organisation. Business leaders have always sought to understand “what’s actually going on” in their team or company, and the traditional methods have been things like compiling a monthly report, or stitching together a dashboard. These are laborious […]

13 September 2017

East Africa Business Insights

I moved to East Africa to understand the business scene, and seek where opportunities might exist for me to start my own venture. In doing so I travelled across the four main countries (Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) and developed an comprehension how the main industries operate, some nuance of the different cultures, and what […]