Race of life + Milk floats

samfloy~30 June 2018 /Random

A number of podcasts I’ve been listening to recently have been pertaining to how people’s background does/ does not dictate their present day.

The most contentious is around a guy called Charles Murray who made the claim that IQ is linked to genes. He says the science says that “Asian people” have higher IQs than “white people” who have higher IQs than “black people”.

This, understandably, lead to a big uproar from many circles.

One such debate was taken out between two “public intellectuals”: Ezra Klein and Sam Harris.

They undertook a two-hour podcast debate (see here) following on from a polemic article written here. You can read a “post-mortem” on the debate here.

From listening to the 2-hour conversation, I can say it was enlightening and very interesting to hear such skilled debaters build their arguments in a meticulous way, but it nevertheless seemed to miss the broader point regarding the inequality that exists, regardless of whether it is predisposed by genetics or not.

In looking to demonstrate the inequality gap, I have found the video below to do a particularly good job.

In other news…

I walked past a milk float the other day. With all of the talk of Tesla, and the future of electric cars, it was interesting to see an electric vehicle that’s been in use for over 50 years.

The engineering feat is nothing close to Mr. Musk (floats go at max 15 mph) but it nevertheless served a purpose: the need to go quietly at 5 am, not needing to go quick, short distances covered.

Anyway, time will tell if/ when Tesla brings out a milk delivery range to disrupt the rural British dairy industry…

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