Resolutions + Random Things

samfloy~21 December 2019 /Random

In this last post before Christmas we have a variety of things and so, well, let’s get to it.

2020 Resolutions

As a new year approaches, it’s often time to talk about resolutions.

They’re not for everyone, but I find it’s a nice opportunity to pause and reflect on where you’d like to be channeling your energy in the new year.

Personally, I find the toughest thing is not necessarily sticking to resolutions, but remembering that I’d even done them/ what they were beyond the month of February…

I now have a little system where I update myself (and anyone else who’d like to) every three months.

If you’re interested in doing it:

  1. Have a think about some goals/ resolutions for 2020
  2. Send them to me [] by the end of the year
  3. Every 3 months I’ll send you an email seeing how you’re getting on

Star Wars

Yesterday I had an interesting predicament to overcome.

I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars films and had an afternoon/ evening to adequately get up to speed ahead of watching Episode 9 with my girlfriend and her family.

The question became: I have never watched Star Wars but have 8 hours to get up to speed ahead of The Rise of Skywalker. How should I allocate my time?

Basically, what combination of watching in full + “Youtube summaries” should I do to get the most from the film.

Each person I asked had a different opinion. What would you recommend?

Homemade peanut butter

The quality/ cost of peanut butter in Denmark isn’t great. 

I thought I’d investigate how plausible it is to make it myself. The answer: very easy (with a decent blender) 

I’d link to a recipe, but it doesn’t seem worth it:

  1. Pour a bag of salted peanuts in a blender (800+ watts)
  2. Blend/ scrape off the sides until smooth (~5 mins)

Worth having a go if you have a powerful food processor, plus the opportunity to add spices/ other nuts seeds too.

Whatsapp Voice

I had an odd interaction on Whatsapp this week and would be interested if anyone else has experienced the same…

I was chatting (sending messages) to a guy I know who was heading over Nairobi. We went back and forth for a while and then I asked: “How are things with you?”.

In response, he sent a one-minute voice message which I have only just now (3 days later) got around to listening to, and then responding. Again by message.

These two concurrent mediums seem strange (i.e. he sends a voice message, I respond via message) but equally, I’m not used to the idea of communicating that way.

A friend’s (Spanish) gf apparently used it all the time with her Mum, and is essentially in a constant asynchronous conversation via Whatsapp voice messages.

Have you ever experienced this? Or know of other places where it’s common to communicate in this way?

If there’s one podcast episode to listen to…

Last year I did a post about Julius who makes colourful recycled shoes in Kibera, one of Kenya’s largest informal settlements.

As the last episode of podcast episodes from my time in East Africa, I interviewed him, near his workshop.

You can:

It’s a really nice story of someone who has endured hardship, and yet is getting successes in building a socially positive business.

Plus, a great way to get some unique colour on your feet in the new year.

In other news…

Julefrokost (Christmas “lunch”) at the new co-working space went well last Friday evening.

It was “Tropical” theme, and so not a representative pool to assess the attitude to Christmas jumpers when half the room was in Hawaiian shirts…

That said, I did speak at least one Dane who was sporting a garish (though, admittedly, still stylish) sweater which, he said, he bought this year to match with the one his girlfriend has.

Beyond the attire, the atmosphere was festive and there seems to be a good bunch of people whom I can hopefully get to know once I start working out of there in the new year.

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