Sam Floy Newsletter (December 2020)

samfloy~5 December 2020 /Personal

Last month, despite being 4 days after the US election polls closed it was too early to say conclusively what the result was. 4 weeks later, I guess that’s still the case. Even though *most people* would assume that in January Joe Biden will be inaugurated, stranger things could happen. 

This article (written in September) explains how so much the election-to-inauguration timeline is based on convention rather than clear cut rules. Following conventions (that undermine his ego) is not something President Trump does, so it might still be a while before everything is settled.

On the work front, I’ve been mainly working on putting together a team for a climate change podcast and producing another show all about dogs. I will, of course, share links once they are published.

Otherwise, it’s been trying to figure out Christmas plans and getting blown around Copenhagen on my bike owing to some truly miserable weather. 

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Things I’ve been thinking about this month

Getting an opinion on lockdowns

Reasonable people who I “disagree” with

Artists you’re a “true fan” of 

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A selection of podcasts I’ve enjoyed this month

As an aside, I appeared as a guest on The Silicon Valley Podcast last month (though I was talking about business in East Africa, rather than Silicon Valley…)

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