Sam Floy Newsletter (November 2020)

samfloy~7 November 2020 /Personal

I hope November has started as well as possible despite the various restrictions and tumult that have been going on.

I’d previously thought that by this time it would be legit to make a comment on the US election winner, but who knows when that will be possible… The metaphor to describe the presidential campaign used to be “the race” to the White House, now it seems like “the slog” might be more appropriate.

Closer to home, Denmark culled 17 million mink. It turns out that the weasel-like animals are more susceptible to coronavirus mutations and there was a worry that Denmark could become “the new Wuhan” if new strains occurred here. This is particularly relevant as there is a huge export market of the animals to China (for fur coats).

🇰🇪 Kenya

I went to Kenya for a couple of weeks as there felt like a window of opportunity to go. It might at first seem bonkers to make the trip, but it was actually pretty straightforward: we had to present a negative coronavirus test at Nairobi airport and after that stayed with friends. If symptoms were to arise we felt confident getting to local hospital/ self-isolating in the apartment.

Nevertheless, everyone (was asked that they) wore facemasks when out of the house and there was a curfew to not be out past 11pm.

Aside from some work things and meeting people for coffee we got some “fun stuff” in, including a camping trip to the Masai Mara.

🍄 Mushrooms

I went mushroom foraging early in October which ended up being a very wholesome way to spend a Saturday morning 

🎧 Listening

📖 Reading

📼 Watching

A Life on Our Planet | David Attenborough: described as “David Attenborough’s witness statement” this is a documentary by David giving an overview of his career and how he has seen the world change.

It also ends with a relative clear diagnosis of how to reverse the environmental degradation path we (humanity) have been on during his lifetime.

His main recommendations are:

The parting thought is that our framing of “saving the planet” is wrong. As seen by places like Chernobyl, the planet will adapt and continue without much thought of whether homo sapiens are living on it or not. The correct framing is how can we “save ourselves”.

Related, I’m starting a new project around creating podcast(s) about how to reverse climate change (more info here). If you know anyone interested in doing some part-time work on it, let me know.

😀 For fun

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