Sam Floy Newsletter (October 2020)

samfloy~3 October 2020 /Personal

I hope October has started well for you – we’re now in the final quarter of the year – how strange is that.

Coronavirus on the up in Denmark

The government has introduced some measures to try and stem the recent uptick in cases. Bars are shut at 10pm and people have been asked to WFH, where possible. Day to day it doesn’t seem to have changed things too much, though anecdotally I now know friends of friends who have had it.

Interviewing some interesting people

People have been fine to meet up and do interviews for the podcast I’m putting together which has been good fun. I took a trip to visit the head of the Danish Handball Federation a couple of weeks ago, interviewed an author about Danish approach to managing people, and have some interviews lined up with some academics about why Danes have ironic humour.

Maybe travelling to Kenya

There’s potentially a window opening to make a trip to Kenya plausible. Still, some logistics to figure out, but it could be that we spend a couple of weeks in Nairobi which will enjoyable.

đŸ€”Â Thinking

The influence of soap operas: after listening to a podcast episode about China’s influence in Kenya I have been reminded about how popular soap operas/ novellas are in various parts of the world. Their influence isn’t to be underestimated 

Developing an opinion on “wokeness”: 2020 has resulted in lots of conversations about how to overcome the oppression many people in society face. I’m 100% in favour of wanting to get to all people to feel their own an even footing, but have found it a bit of minefield navigating through the various voices extolling how to get there   

Types of communal living: I’ve been in Copenhagen for a year now and my fiancĂ©e and I (we got engaged btw) are thinking about where we might move next at some point

đŸ‘·Â Doing

Finding a pragmatic “no notifications” phone setting: I really try to not look at my phone often but having it on silent meant I would often miss important calls, and I always worried “what if my friends/ family need me urgently”. As such, my phone would continue to buzz.

think I’ve found a solution:

Let me know if you have any tips for reducing distractions etc. from your phone!

🎧 Listening

A link to podcast recommendations I’ve listened to can be found on this Spotify playlist you can follow. A selection from this month include

📖 Reading

đŸ“ŒÂ Watching

😄 For fun

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