Sam Floy Newsletter (September 2020)

samfloy~5 September 2020 /Personal

I hope you have had a lovely summer. With it being the first Saturday of the month, here’s an update from me including some recommendations for your eyes and ears. 

Things in Denmark are pretty stable

New rules came in that it’s mandatory to wear face masks on public transport, but otherwise people seem to be getting on with their day to day life as normal. It’s common to use hand sanitiser when entering a building, though that seems more out of courtesy rather than any consideration that one might get coronavirus (this differs from when I was in the UK a few weeks ago and people were actively avoiding the underground train).

Textbook summer holiday

I had a nice summer break on the Danish island of Bornholm. Even the sturdiest Danes I talk to melt a little at its mention, such is its place in the hearts of Danes. In fairness, it was incredibly charming: quaint villages, lots of ceramics/ glass makers, and opportunities for outdoor swimming.

Focusing on releasing my new podcast

Now that I’m back in work mode my main focus is to launch this podcast about things that seem peculiar as an outsider in Denmark. I’ve been setting it up for ages, and now just want to get on with it! I’ve got various “stories” that I’m working on which are all quite interesting, and so once I’ve got 6 or so all recorded, the team and I can start promoting it.

Now on with some thinks and links…

🤔 Thinking

The two sides of coronavirus and the environment: beyond the human tragedy of Covid-19 there have been some relatively unprecedented effects on the natural world, both positive and negative.

The importance of local employment near environmental “assets”: Felix Byamukama (the Ugandan poacher) won’t, I don’t think, have killed the gorilla because of boredom, but because he needed money. With the national parks in Uganda being closed there simply aren’t income opportunities in the surrounding areas.

People who are against a coronavirus vaccination: as most of the world waits eagerly for a coronavirus vaccination so that “normality” can resume, it’s been interesting to learn about those who oppose it (more in depth here)

🎧 Listening

I’ve begun compiling some good podcasts in a public playlist on Spotify. You can “follow” it, if you like

Some that are on there:

Not all podcasts are on Spotify (none from NPR, it seems) however Romeo & Juliet in Rwanda on Hidden Brainwas really interesting about how a radio soap opera in Rwanda was used to change people’s perceptions after the genocide.

📖 Reading

📼 Watching

😄 For fun

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