Scandi furniture + Kenyan flowers

samfloy~12 October 2019 /Random

Yesterday afternoon I made a trip to IKEA.

I was hoping that being in Scandinavia would make it some utopian, joyful experience but alas it was very similar to the normal IKEA experiences people have: stressful, disorientating, and resulting in the same fatigue you get from walking around a museum.

To reconcile myself I sought out why it’s called IKEA. The name comes from the founder: Ingvar Kamprad, who grew up on Elmtaryd farm in Aggunaryd. This reminds me of Adidas, founded by Adolf (“Adi“) Dassler.

Of more interest to you, this week might be flowers.

Since arriving in Kenya in 2016 I wanted to visit/ interview a flower farmer, and after several failed attempts I’d given up.

With three weeks to go before leaving, another podcast guest mentioned her boyfriend ran a flower farm(!) and so I got in touch and he was kind enough to drive me out there and give me a tour.

I had a very fun morning seeing the whole process from flower stems to the final product and even made a video* (see below) about it. There’s also a write-up and some pics on the website.

In other news…

I got homework feedback after my first week of Danish classes. 

The assignment was to make a recording of introducing yourself, all the usual things: name, age, nationality, where you live, etc.

I’m living near one of the main train stations in Copenhagen (Nørreport) and made a small, but critical error when introducing myself, saying I live in Nørreport rather than near it.

Anyway, the next day in class my teacher double-checked that everything was alright and that I wasn’t sleeping on one of the platforms…

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