Shampoo, Hair nets, Tissue paper: Various interactions (or not) with hygiene products

samfloy~8 September 2018 /Random

I worked backward in writing this week’s email.

The podcast interview this week is with East Africa’s largest producer of tissue paper which, for someone like me who finds businesses have an inverse relationship between “sexiness” and interest, really enjoyed.

Next was an experience getting on a motorbike (a common form of taxi in Nairobi) and being offered a hair net.

This left me with what to have in the main section.

Trying to keep to a theme, I realised that one slightly left-field thing I do (or rather don’t do) is shampoo my hair.

It started last year in Ethiopia where I went a week without finding any that wasn’t extortionate to buy.

The more I thought about it, and Googled it, the notion of needing to rub the shampoo in your hair to keep it clean seemed worth testing. 

Modern (wo)man’s head of hair isn’t fundamentally different to cave(wo)man. The latter didn’t need L’Oreal.

Nowadays I just rinse with water each day in the shower and can’t feel the difference. If anything it feels just as clean as before, and arguably “richer”.

Anyway, in reading up on this I tried to find some articles to support the approach, but they all seem to favour using stuff like cider and baking soda on your head…

Which might mean that I have in fact been a grub all along…

Key takeaway

Consider not using shampoo for a bit. Would homo sapiens have evolved to have hair that required chemicals to stay clean, or is it a modern invention to get people to spend more money?

In other news…

The interviewee is one of Kenya’s premier businessmen, and investor on Lions’ Den, the Kenyan equivalent of Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank.

Lots of interesting discussions about running a manufacturing business in East Africa, plus ways of diversifying the wealth that comes from the family business.

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