South Africa (sort of): Johannesburg + Disney conspiracy?

samfloy~6 October 2018 /Personal

This week I’ve been in South Africa for the first time.

I’d love to give a detailed explanation of the depth of South African history, rich observations on the cultural nuance and some meaningful insight as to what the South Africans of today are really feeling.

Unfortunately, I’ve been very head down with work and have barely left the very well developed area of Sandton. As such, I can only offer up some insubstantial remarks.

Here are some shallow top-of-mind things that have stood out:

I’m off to explore Johannesburg a bit more this weekend, so I will hopefully have some more material comments to share next week…

In other news…

I came across an interesting conspiracy theory the other day.

More info here, but the short version is Disney produced 2013’s Frozen as a means of hiding Google search results for the urban legend of Walt Disney cryogenically freezing himself.

What do you reckon?

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