9 March 2017

Lessons from interviewing East African entrepreneurs: Food

This is the first of a series of posts detailing the trends and common threads that I’ve learnt through interviewing a wide range of businesses operating in East Africa. The East Africa Business Podcast is the weekly podcast that I’ve been running for the last six months. Right now we’re on episode 29 with plenty […]

8 December 2016

The “Try Before You Buy” East Africa Tour: in Review

Today I’m flying back to England to see friends and family for Christmas. This post summarises the time spent travelling between Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania as I worked out the various opportunities that existed in the region

24 November 2016

Why I’m choosing Kenya (visa permitting…)

Over the past four months I’ve traveled through Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, evaluating each in terms of where I would like to live for the next few years building a business. After spending three and a half months keeping my mind open to all options (that I felt were morally acceptable), in Zanzibar I […]

10 November 2016

East Africa Miscellany

In writing a blog post each week about what I learn around East Africa, I invariably keep notes on little things that I see/hear. Not all of these fit in with a particular topic and so have (until now) remained unpublished. As I close in on evaluating the different countries, this post is an aggregate […]

3 November 2016

Tanzania: An Introduction

This post is the last country profile that I’ll be doing for now as I close in on my evaluation of East Africa. It covers some of the different aspects of Tanzania, such as its size, history, and whether it can indeed be considered as being in East Africa…

27 October 2016

A Tourist Guide to Kenya (without Safari)

Safari means “to travel” in Swahili and has evolved into more or less anything where you move around to look at animals. It is a prime activity in our search for a Decent Profile Pic. Kenya is one of the international hotspots for going on safari and yet despite being here for a month I […]

20 October 2016

The Kenya Business Scene

Of all the places I’ve been to on my East African tour, Kenya has been the most business-y. Nairobi itself is quite a metropolis, with recognisable multinational names tagging onto tall, glass buildings around the city. What’s more, there’s a pretty busy start up culture meaning it isn’t uncommon to see an office with exposed […]

13 October 2016

How and why mobile money (M-Pesa) works in Kenya

One of the things that quickly becomes apparent after spending more than a day in Kenya is the ubiquity of mobile money. By this I broadly mean using your mobile phone to pay for stuff, something often cited in the UK and elsewhere as the next generation of money which is “surely going to take off next […]

6 October 2016

Kenya: An Introduction

This is a post that gives some background on the country of Kenya, the third of my trip across East Africa, and described by many as the most developed in the region. In this, we cover some of the fundamentals of what Kenya is all about.

29 September 2016

A Wedding in Uganda

When chatting to a lady named Cathy at a house party one Friday she asked if I was free next week to attend her wedding. Without much hesitation I said yes and the following Saturday morning myself and Leoni (German housemate) were off to church.