What Made The Modern Economy?

samfloy~7 March 2020 /Personal

A podcast I’ve been enjoying recently is 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04b1g3c/episodes/downloads

It goes through unassuming things that make every day life function, including glasses, canned food and GPS.

The host, Tim Hartford, was also on another good podcast (Conversations with Tyler) which you can see here: https://conversationswithtyler.com/

They have a discussion where both parties challenge each other on their positions, which is refreshing vs some interview formats that are more “mutual back slapping”.

Let me know if there are any other good listening recommendations you have!

In other news…

For now, I’m going with “Fruition” as the name of my company. Next step is to design a website/ come up with a logo. I’ll share what I have next week, and if you happen to have 10-15 minutes free to give any feedback, do let me know, it’d be good to get your thoughts on them!

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