What’s happening in Copenhagen: A rhythm to Copenhagen begins to emerge

samfloy~26 October 2019 /Personal

Aside from trying to keep abreast of what’s happening (or not) with Brexit, this week has been fairly uneventful.

I thought it might be interesting to share an update on how life in Denmark has been going, six weeks in…

Danish classes have reached their halfway point and I can now ask simple “What/ Who/ Where/ When” questions in shops as well as getting to grips with the past/ future tense. This shift from always thinking/ being in the present will no doubt be a knock for any mindfulness efforts I may choose to undertake…

Shops are getting ready for Halloween – spooky plastic buckets and easily flammable children’s outfits on sale in most supermarkets. A few are stocking Christmas snacks, napkins and (of course) candles, though there’s a sense that it’s too early to be getting this festive.

The weather is overcast, but not chilly. Most days I risk it without my waterproof and thus far haven’t been caught in a downpour.

Dare I say it, I seem to be on the way to making some friends. 

If you were to view friendship as a sales funnel (everyone does this, right?) I’m now meeting up with people for the second or third time which seems to indicate we’ve moved passed the “Qualification” stage and approaching friend status. I don’t know what event needs to happen for a “friendship deal” to be sealed.

Copenhagen seems to have a good culture around social sporting activities. I’ve found a squash club and a running club that I like, though I am holding off on committing until I’ve tried out a few more activities (such as handball?) and seeing how it could all fit together during the week.

I still work from home, though am likely going to try and find a co-working space in the next few weeks. This is mainly so I can go along to at least one office Christmas party this year (I hear they’re good fun).

One of the, well, I guess, culture shocks to living here has been the new frequency of doing cultural events. In Nairobi it was quite an effort to find/ organise/ arrange to do things like live music, galleries or theatres whereas in Copenhagen it’s very straightforward to get a fix day or night, should one wish.

I’ll be back in London for a few days towards the end of November (let me know if you fancy meeting for a coffee?). It’ll be interesting to feel what it’s like now that I’ll be contrasting it to another European city.

In other news…

For our two year anniversary, my girlfriend and I took a day trip to Helsingør, famous for Kronborg (aka Hamlet’s Castle). 

Each year they do an outdoor performance of the play with famous actors of the day (Laurence Olivier, Richard Burton, Kenneth Brannagh).

A few years ago Jude Law’s version was particularly well attended for some reason…

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