East Africa Business Insights

I moved to East Africa to understand the business scene, and seek where opportunities might exist for me to start my own venture. In doing so I travelled across the four main countries (Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) and developed an comprehension how the main industries operate, some nuance of the different cultures, and what […]

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a relatively new term to describe a fundamental concept: getting a better understanding of your organisation. Business leaders have always sought to understand “what’s actually going on” in their team or company, and the traditional methods have been things like compiling a monthly report, or stitching together a dashboard. These are laborious […]

Excel/ Google Sheets Training

Overview A lot of companies use programmes such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to run the core operations of their business. It’s often a major component of the workforce’s working day and yet they have typically been left to figure out how to use it, without any formal training. As a result, there’s lots […]

Fried Chicken Heat Map of London

Gentri-Fried Chicken

In October 2015 I published a blog post which, for want of a better word, went viral. It was about finding the next up and coming places to live in London through looking at the relative density of coffee shops to fried chicken shops, and then comparing to house prices. Where did it come from? […]