Hi, I’m Sam

I live in Copenhagen and run a B2B podcasting agency serving clients around the world.

I grew up in the UK and in the summer of 2016 I packed up my life in London and took a one way flight to East Africa.

My goal was to understand the business scene in the region and seek out opportunities to apply my business start up skills in a dynamic, developing environment. I found that interviewing entrepreneurs for a podcast was a good a way to meet people.

The initial tour went well (summary here) and after evaluating the merits of each, I decided that Kenya was best. I ended up living there for 3 years.

I now live in Denmark where I run a business making podcasts, hiring people in Kenya to do the editing as much as possible. I’m also a Dad, and host a popular podcast about Danish culture called What The Denmark.

There are various topics that I’m interested in, including:

This website documents the various thoughts I’ve had over the years, including observations from living/ travelling in different countries. As of 2023, I am trying to tweet more and so you can also follow here.

I also write “as and when” newsletter updates which you can sign up for below


Thanks for reading, do feel free to reach out via the contact page if there’s anything you’d like to discuss!