There are some things that I’ve thought a lot about over the years and so to save reinventing the wheel, I’ll share with you the punchline

What podcast should I listen to?

I’ve been adding episodes I think are particularly good to this playlist if you’d like some inspiration.

How to sit at a desk

Spending 8+ hours/ day in a hunched position was really bugging me. I wanted to “set it and forget it” knowing I’d be in a good position without thinking about how I was sitting and settled on:

The above is very easy to transport and feels a lot nicer to sit down to.

How to increase flexibility

Related to the above I found that this exercise is a good one to do throughout the day to stretch out your back.

In terms of “serious” work to improve flexibility I’ve tried lots of blog posts, Youtube videos etc and found that the Yoga Body is best for increasing mobility. They have a course of long hold stretches which do seem to move the needle on flexibility.

How to do a good gym routine

Especially since becoming a Dad I’ve been searching for a gym routine with the best “bang for buck”. For me, that means:

I explained a workout I borrowed here, though have found this workout to be just as good (and even simpler). I now use the StrengthLog app.

How to choose a job

There have been a few things I’ve written over the years. How to think about your career is an email I sent to a friend which probably summarises it best.

How to find a good area to live in

In 2015 I wrote a post about how you could find the next up and coming area of London by looking at the number of chicken shops and coffee shops (read a write up of the fallout here).

Now I’d recommend using a great tool called PropertyData which allows you to search for all kinds of useful property investment opportunities.

How to think about inequality

I should do a summary post at some point, but the top books I recommend for getting into this are The Tyranny of Merit Justice by Michael Sandel (and indeed, any of his work) as well as A Brief History of Equality by Thomas Piketty.

The central idea is that the more people feel a shared experience with others in society, the more there’s a desire to invest in common goods. Living in Denmark, I’ve really come to love the aspect of most people having a good minimum standard of living, and the many benefits that has across society.

If the books are too long, seek out podcast episodes where the authors discuss it.