2 October 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (October 2021)

October is here and, I don’t know about you, but it now feels like we’re in the countdown to the end of the year. The last few months have been a bit tough on the business front. A number of clients got cold feet and despite much effort to speak with potential podcast sponsors I’ve been […]

4 September 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (September 2021)

Things are beginning to get autumnal in Denmark and it feels like after a summer of a few mini-breaks, things are now in gear to see out the rest of the year. Denmark more or less feels free of Covid (the only restrictions now are to show a coronapas before entering a club) and events/ […]

7 August 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (August 2021)

July is the month in Denmark where the majority of the country goes on holiday… for the majority of the month. I thought this was just one of those urban myths about Scandinavian long summers, but sure enough, the out-of-office response I have been getting has averaged out at 3 weeks. One person I’ve been […]

3 July 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (July 2021)

Happy July! In Denmark things are basically back to normal regarding Covid, especially as one only needs to show a negative Covid test (or vaccination certificate) to return from most foreign countries. Though the furthest we’ve managed to exercise this new freedom is an afternoon trip to Malmø – a city in Sweden literally 25 […]

5 June 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (June 2021)

Summer’s here? In the last few days the sun has been sporadically shining in Copenhagen which (along with easing lockdown restrictions) means that when the clouds have cleared the city flocks to bars/ open spaces to have an after work beer. A welcome novelty. The work front has felt like a war of admin attrition. […]

1 May 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (May 2021)

Some flickers of normality have begun emerging here in Denmark with the ability to sit indoors(!) at a restaurant, albeit with a “corona passport” (i.e. a negative test result from the last 72 hours). We’ve had our first meal out of the year which felt incredibly exciting, though it’s still a faff to go through […]

3 April 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (April 2021)

I turned 30 last weekend. The classic question is “Do you feel different?” and right now… no. Though in honesty I only really come to terms with a new age when I catch myself saying my old age. I think as soon as I need to fill out a form and find myself rubbing out being in the 20-29 age […]

6 March 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (March 2021)

I feel that the past few weeks have revealed my inner caveman. The simple fact that it’s darker later and (somewhat) warmer has lifted my mood immeasurably, opening the possibility of an evening walk(!!) as a post-work-non-sofa activity. Lockdown restrictions have somewhat eased, though are limited to going shopping and doing “outdoor culture”. Zoos are […]

6 February 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (February 2021)

Things are ticking over in Denmark: restaurants, museums etc. are still closed but people are allowed to meet up if they *have* to. As such Netflix is still the lion’s share of evening activities, but it’s been nice to see a couple of people face to face. On the work front, things are developing nicely. […]

2 January 2021

Sam Floy Newsletter (January 2021)

So… 2020 is now over. I hope you were able to enjoy the festive break as much as was possible. Denmark has been pretty heavy on the lockdown meaning its more indoors time, and resolving to not meet up with friends “just in case”. Hopefully this subsides again before too long. On the work front, […]