3 October 2020

Sam Floy Newsletter (October 2020)

I hope October has started well for you – we’re now in the final quarter of the year – how strange is that. Coronavirus on the up in Denmark The government has introduced some measures to try and stem the recent uptick in cases. Bars are shut at 10pm and people have been asked to […]

5 September 2020

Sam Floy Newsletter (September 2020)

I hope you have had a lovely summer. With it being the first Saturday of the month, here’s an update from me including some recommendations for your eyes and ears.  Things in Denmark are pretty stable New rules came in that it’s mandatory to wear face masks on public transport, but otherwise people seem to […]

1 August 2020

eBay, nuclear power and other assumptions

This month I’ve been noticing how some decisions I’ve been making have been based on outdated ideas.  Some things in life are probably eternal truths (“don’t eat the yellow snow”) however others are made about things that update/ improve over time. It all started when trying to buy a new bike helmet. eBay doesn’t work..? […]

28 July 2020

Lifestyle and Delegation

I run Cofruition from Copenhagen where the Scandinavian work-life balance has had an effect on me. A typical work day is: 7.30am: wake up 8.30am: work 12.30pm: lunch 4pm: stop work 7pm: put away my phone A big thing I’ve been trying to work on is to not open my laptop after leaving the office. […]

20 July 2020

100+ Freelancers Later – The Secrets of a Super-delegator

Mish and her husband Rob have hired over 100+ freelancers since 2012. In this post, they share some of their key lessons for small businesses and freelancers that are just starting to delegate. Mish’s journey When Mish and Rob began their delegating journey, they were freelance writers themselves. “… so we kind of knew the […]

15 July 2020

6 Steps for Hiring the Right Freelancer

Good help doesn’t have to be hard to find. With online platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, startups and small businesses now have the whole world to choose from to find that right person and the right price. The experience can however be a little overwhelming. Our team at Cofruition have created a simple six step […]

4 July 2020

Will there ever be another soft superpower?

I hope the second half of the year has started well for you. In case you missed it, I’m switching this newsletter to be monthly, not weekly. I’m still experimenting the format a bit so let me know what you think of this one! Something I’ve been thinking about recently is whether America is still somewhere people […]

25 June 2020

The Delegation Mind-Shift

Delegation is something you probably know you should do, but don’t do enough of. But unlike flossing, delegation can transform you and your business. For many people, it is like a mental block that requires a shift in mindset. In this article, we look at the overarching principle of delegating, why and when it can […]

20 June 2020

An update to the newsletter after 4 years

After some deliberation I think it’s time to reduce the frequency of this weekly newsletter.  The past few months I’ve been feeling the quality has slipped a bit, and writing something I’m happy with each week isn’t quite as easy as before. Also, now that I don’t live in East Africa (which was the original […]

13 June 2020

Do *just* black lives matter?

This week I’ve been trying to think more about the protests happening around the worldwide triggered by the death of George Floyd. Obviously the most activity has been happening in the US, where opinions and actions at the extremes often dominate media cycles. To me at least, I’m less interested in the click bait anomalies, […]