28 March 2020

Virtual becomes a reality?

As more of the world enters “lock down” mode, strange behaviours seem to be becoming quickly normalised. The big one seems to be the propensity to do video calls. Just get on with it I read a tweet which resonated as I’d just said the exact thing to two separate people. Still getting people proposing in-person meetings […]

21 March 2020

How to work from home

I hope you’re all doing well on the coronavirus front. As more and more places seem to be asking people to work from home I thought I’d share some thoughts I’ve had from doing it for the last 3-4 years. If you have any good tips, please share, and I’ll send them around next week! […]

15 March 2020

The Story of Gentri-Fried Chicken

In October 2015 I published a blog post which, for want of a better word, went viral. It was about finding the next up and coming places to live in London through looking at the relative density of coffee shops to fried chicken shops, and then comparing to house prices. Where did it come from? […]

14 March 2020

Coronavirus as a foretelling of…

The inescapable news this week (in Europe/ the US, at least*) has been the continuing rise in outbreaks of coronavirus, and government measures to curb it. The effects have gone to the core functioning of the global economy: Lower industrial activity: as (Chinese) factory workers stay home (more here) Oil prices going down: less travel/ […]

7 March 2020

What Made The Modern Economy?

A podcast I’ve been enjoying recently is 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04b1g3c/episodes/downloads It goes through unassuming things that make every day life function, including glasses, canned food and GPS. The host, Tim Hartford, was also on another good podcast (Conversations with Tyler) which you can see here: https://conversationswithtyler.com/ They have a discussion where both […]

29 February 2020

Coronavirus… maybe

This week I’ve been keeping a closer-than-normal eye on the coronavirus outbreak (officially “Covid-19”) as I’ve been in northern Italy which seems to be the epicentre of the European cases. I’ve been in Livigno, about 150km from the 11 quarantined towns, but still technically in “Northern Italy” and so subject to warnings about ‘self-isolation’ if symptoms […]

22 February 2020

What should I call my business?

This week I’ve been deliberating what to call my new business. For the last year I’ve been doing freelance work and (as mentioned here) have been looking at how to refine it into a repeatable valuable service I deliver people. Podcasts for companies The initial idea is to make podcasts for companies. More and more organisations […]

15 February 2020

Live in the future, then build what’s missing

One evening this week I got chatting with a friend about what business/ freelancing ideas he could do. He’d been spending a lot of time lately getting inspiration on the latest “no code” technologies (i.e. how to build apps without being a coder) and subscribing to cutting edge services being developed out of Silicon Valley. It reminded […]

8 February 2020

Sustainable fashion + where to put bad bosses

Over lunch in the office canteen this week I got chatting to a Danish artist and a French guy who works in advertising. The former was exhibiting some work in the cafe and the latter is someone who works a few desks away from me. We spoke about the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week because the […]

4 February 2020

How to think about your career

This is taken from an email exchange with a friend deciding what to do after a false start in their first job. I’ll leave it as I wrote it. Hi mate, So I’ve given some thought to your question on lessons I’ve learnt from my career so far. This is a bit of a braindump […]