A Thousand Hills

samfloy~24 February 2018 /East Africa/East Africa Travel

This week I’ve been in Rwanda.

It’s been for business, attending a conference on Banking/ Finance at the plush Convention Centre that sits atop one of the many peaks in the undulating terrain.

Rwanda was the place where the East Africa adventure started 18 months ago, and so it has been nice to be back amongst familiar (clean) streets and to see friends who are still around.

The fundamentals have remained the same, namely their ardent passion for moving to a middle-income country through private sector growth and ICT capabilities.

The meetings I’ve taken have attempted played into this narrative, and so we’ll see how “data analysis training at scale” resonates with the powers that be…

In other news…

A song I’ve been listening to too much this week is this cracker from South Africa: Sun El-Musician | Akanamali

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