East Africa Business Insights

samfloy~13 September 2017

I moved to East Africa to understand the business scene, and seek where opportunities might exist for me to start my own venture.

In doing so I travelled across the four main countries (Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) and developed an comprehension how the main industries operate, some nuance of the different cultures, and what commonalities existed throughout all.

This has resulted in a solid grasp of the main ways in which different businesses function, as well as tangible insights from being “on the ground” still.

Hear these insights

To record the journey of what I was learning, I started a podcast.

The East Africa Business Podcast is now one of the leading podcasts on business in Africa and contains 40+ interviews with entrepreneurs across the region, in a diverse range of industries.

And you can listen to them all, for free.

On podcast platforms

A podcast is essentially an audio recording which can be downloaded and listened to via an app on your smartphone. If you’re unsure how to download them, see this article and if you’d like a general introduction to podcasts see here.

Assuming that you’re set up on iTunes, Stitcher, or another podcast app then all you need to do is search for:

The East Africa Business Podcast

and it’ll appear. Click “Subscribe” to be informed of future episodes, and scroll through to find episodes you might like

On your browser

If you’re sat at your computer and have a good internet connection then you can stream an episode at any point.

Head to www.samfloy.com/podcast and see which take your fancy.

Looking at this from a desktop, you should also see a sidebar with all of the episodes, if that’s easier to navigate from.

For an overview of the insights…

You can listen to a talk I gave in London in August 2017.

It covers the pertinent lessons from the various industries in East Africa and also includes a comprehensive Q&A from the audience.

The podcast episode is called:

*SPECIAL* Silicon Savannah Talk

and, again, this can be found via The East Africa Business Podcast

Industry specific

For more of a delve into particular lessons from different industries, you can look to the following articles I’ve written detailing key takeaways from different business types:


Digital Platforms

Physical Goods


Each link to particular podcast episodes which expand on the key lesson.

Mobile money

Another very interesting aspect of East African society is the usage of mobile money.

The region is a world leader in the adoption of this technology, and its uses and implications are far-reaching, impactful, and pioneering.

There are lots of lessons that can learned about its usage, and the following article

How (and why) mobile money works

gives a solid overview of its history, and important features.

Are you looking to understand business in East Africa?

As a result of the insights I’ve accumulated from being on the ground in the region, I’ve worked with several organisations and individuals who are looking to understand a particular aspect of how the region operates.

Using the network I’ve built through running the podcast, and generally through working with businesses in the region I can further make connections to industry experts where necessary.

What I offer

I understand how different people want different things, and so I’m flexible around using the insights I have to ensure that you get the best outcome that you want.

The following are examples of work I’ve done for those interested in the region


If you, or someone you know, might be interested in getting a greater understanding on what is happening in the business scene in East Africa, and the opportunities that exist, then please do get in touch.

Despite being an incredibly vibrant region full of potential, having an on-the-ground perspective can both give you a ‘real’ view of the landscape, and what’s more accelerate your understanding of where best you can fit.

Feel free to drop me a message view the contact page.