Excel/ Google Sheets Training

samfloy~14 September 2017


A lot of companies use programmes such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to run the core operations of their business.

It’s often a major component of the workforce’s working day and yet they have typically been left to figure out how to use it, without any formal training. As a result, there’s lots which can be done to make work easier, but that won’t be obvious.

As workloads increase it can soon become that operations becomes the bottleneck. Employees are forced to do lots of repetitive tasks which puts a strain on human resource.

The conclusion many organisations take is to employ more people, or invest in expensive and complicated technology packages, where in fact, a lot can be solved by training the current workforce to be more productive.

Why can I help?

I have done projects with numerous companies improving their work processes and undertaking strategic/ data analysis.

In every single one, the bottleneck of implementation came with the employees using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets far below what they were capable of.

I therefore devoted time in each project to train the employees in how to use Excel, in the process opening up other ways in which to be productive with work.

Having this combination of knowing what’s important for a business, but also how software can make things a lot easier, gives me an excellent position to deliver value to your organisation.

Is this you?

I have seen that people who benefit most from being unlocked in Excel find themselves doing the following:

In all of these cases, things can be made a lot easier by seeing the ways how Excel can be used!

Get the best from your team

Once the basics of Excel are understood, it then unlocks the ability to undertake smart, rigorous analyses rather than either guessing, or taking hours to answer a question which you intuitively feel should be easy to find out

This can include:

How can I help?

If having this type of skill set within your team sounds desirable, then there are a number of ways in which I can hope to help.

In person training

This will typically involve understanding the needs of your team, and then coming to your office for half a day or a day to train in person.

We will cover a structure of material in an interactive way, and work on specific use cases for your team.

Online training

There are many benefits to learning Excel in a modular, tracked manner where courses can be tailored to specific needs.

I work with various excellent Excel training courses (which I use myself) and so this could be the best option for you/ your team.

Remote consultations

In some instances there will be a specific issue which you need to overcome, where the simplest solution may be to get outside help.

Where this is the case, I can work with you directly to resolve issues that you may have.



If you, or someone you know, might be interested in how getting a greater understanding  of how to use Excel can improve their personal, or organisation’s performance, then it would be good to talk.

Feel free to get in touch through this form, or by emailing training@samfloy.com