Somalia: Camels + a book about a refugee camp

samfloy~14 April 2018 /East Africa/East Africa Culture

No, I’m not in Somalia.

I did, however, read a book about the largest refugee camp in the world, which is in Northern Kenya and houses a mostly Somalian population.

The depiction was vivid, and the characters intimate. It really opened up a world that felt both close and far, as well as giving context to the situation across the border.

Anyway, since finishing it I’ve had a panging for Somalian food.

On Saturday some friends and I went to a restaurant in town, only to find that camel meat was off the menu.

There was, however, camel milk tea which was delicious.

Rich and smoky and, with sugar, a really wholesome cuppa. If you’re in a shop with artisanal dairy products any time soon, I’d highly recommend.

In other news…

Super interesting podcast this week – using big data to persuade US Hedge Funds to invest in Africa.

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