Video Games: Who knew that Korea was the mecca for gaming?

samfloy~20 October 2018 /East Africa/East Africa Business

Have you thought much about the business of video games?

I’m not particularly a gamer but a few weeks ago I did a podcast interview with someone who spoke about how it’s a massive industry that is waiting to find its time in Africa.

The root of where the lucrative deals come is by turning video gaming into a spectator sport. 

Focusing just on players limits the size of the activity, hence the revenues, hence the investment.

Countries like (South) Korea have done amazingly well at getting people interested in watching other people play video games as a source of entertainment. 

People spending time being entertained by top players is a function of then spending money, and hence a whole ecosystem of paying gaming developers, marketers, lawyers, etc. can emerge.

If you’re interested, my friend Mercy put together this video which gives a very neat summary of the opportunity that exists.

In other news…

Fun fact about giraffes: the Latin name is camelopardialis because the first taxonomists who saw them thought they were a cross between a camel and a leopard.

If you take a second look, it’s not that crazy.

Anyway, there’s some trivia for you to pull out this weekend…

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