Balance… + When Did You Start Feeling Your Age?

samfloy~9 June 2018 /Work

A conversation I’ve been having recently is the old classic of work-life balance.

In the process, there have been a few articles that have been shared around, the two main ones have been:

I find these ones quite difficult to read because so often my response becomes “yeah, yeah I’ll get to all that life stuff once I’ve got through my inbox”, but articles like this are also a good reminder that it is possible to just say no, and prioritise other stuff.

Anyway, hope you find them helpful.

In other news…

Another conversation I’ve been having is: “When did you start feeling your age?”

Examples I’ve heard previously:

The main one I’ve had is when parents refer to me like that “man” to their young children. E.g. in a queue at the supermarket: “Charlotte! Settle down and don’t push in front of that nice man”

The youthful bubble on life was pricked when someone older than me actively spoke of me as a grown-up.

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