21 March 2020

How to work from home

I hope you’re all doing well on the coronavirus front. As more and more places seem to be asking people to work from home I thought I’d share some thoughts I’ve had from doing it for the last 3-4 years. If you have any good tips, please share, and I’ll send them around next week! […]

4 February 2020

How to think about your career

This is taken from an email exchange with a friend deciding what to do after a false start in their first job. I’ll leave it as I wrote it. Hi mate, So I’ve given some thought to your question on lessons I’ve learnt from my career so far. This is a bit of a braindump […]

1 February 2020

How to be happy at work

This week I went to a talk by The Happiness Research Institute about how people can be happier at work. The speakers went through some of the academic approaches to defining happiness which basically boils down to asking “How happy are you?”. To get a more robust answer, the question should be framed to encapsulate a longer time […]

4 May 2019

New paradigm of working?

Earlier this week I finished up with the job I’ve been doing for the past 19 months. I’ll spend the next few weeks/ months doing not too much on the work front and soon start thinking more consciously about “what’s next”. In the brief conversations I’ve had so far, I’ve realised I need to update […]

9 June 2018

Balance… + When Did You Start Feeling Your Age?

A conversation I’ve been having recently is the old classic of work-life balance. In the process, there have been a few articles that have been shared around, the two main ones have been: The Four Burners Theory “Brutally honest guide to work-life balance” I find these ones quite difficult to read because so often my response […]

8 April 2017

Rates: trying to put a value on myself

So after a very fun week of exploring the Kenyan coast and cycling through wildlife (see below) I spent the majority of this week grappling with the question: “what am I worth?” I’ve been progressing with a number of organisations about doing work with them, and we’re at the stage of deciding on payment, etc. Whilst […]