4 May 2019

New paradigm of working?

Earlier this week I finished up with the job I’ve been doing for the past 19 months. I’ll spend the next few weeks/ months doing not too much on the work front and soon start thinking more consciously about “what’s next”. In the brief conversations I’ve had so far, I’ve realised I need to update […]

9 June 2018

Balance… + When Did You Start Feeling Your Age?

A conversation I’ve been having recently is the old classic of work-life balance. In the process, there have been a few articles that have been shared around, the two main ones have been: The Four Burners Theory “Brutally honest guide to work-life balance” I find these ones quite difficult to read because so often my response […]

8 April 2017

Rates: trying to put a value on myself

So after a very fun week of exploring the Kenyan coast and cycling through wildlife (see below) I spent the majority of this week grappling with the question: “what am I worth?” I’ve been progressing with a number of organisations about doing work with them, and we’re at the stage of deciding on payment, etc. Whilst […]