Coronavirus… maybe

samfloy~29 February 2020 /Personal

This week I’ve been keeping a closer-than-normal eye on the coronavirus outbreak (officially “Covid-19”) as I’ve been in northern Italy which seems to be the epicentre of the European cases.

I’ve been in Livigno, about 150km from the 11 quarantined towns, but still technically in “Northern Italy” and so subject to warnings about ‘self-isolation’ if symptoms start to occur.

In any case, it doesn’t seem to have made much material difference so far beyond more vigilantly washing hands, and reaching for the anti-bac after friendly Italian shopkeepers/ waiters shake our hand.

I really hope it won’t affect you, or anyone you know, and either way, the advice everywhere seems to be to wash your hands more often, so if you haven’t already, it’ll probably be best to start doing so! 

In other news…

Not much if I’m honest…

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