5 September 2020

Sam Floy Newsletter (September 2020)

I hope you have had a lovely summer. With it being the first Saturday of the month, here’s an update from me including some recommendations for your eyes and ears.  Things in Denmark are pretty stable New rules came in that it’s mandatory to wear face masks on public transport, but otherwise people seem to […]

1 August 2020

eBay, nuclear power and other assumptions

This month I’ve been noticing how some decisions I’ve been making have been based on outdated ideas.  Some things in life are probably eternal truths (“don’t eat the yellow snow”) however others are made about things that update/ improve over time. It all started when trying to buy a new bike helmet. eBay doesn’t work..? […]

20 June 2020

An update to the newsletter after 4 years

After some deliberation I think it’s time to reduce the frequency of this weekly newsletter.  The past few months I’ve been feeling the quality has slipped a bit, and writing something I’m happy with each week isn’t quite as easy as before. Also, now that I don’t live in East Africa (which was the original […]

23 May 2020

Listening to all of The Beatles

Despite last week’s assertion to get more influence from more diverse sources (i.e. non-white males) I have spent the last week listening to mainly just that. With a free Saturday, and an apartment to clean, I decided to get started on listening to the back catalogue of The Beatles. Growing up my parents would occasionally have it on […]

7 March 2020

What Made The Modern Economy?

A podcast I’ve been enjoying recently is 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy:¬†https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04b1g3c/episodes/downloads It goes through unassuming things that make every day life function, including glasses, canned food and GPS. The host, Tim Hartford, was also on another good podcast (Conversations with Tyler) which you can see here: https://conversationswithtyler.com/ They have a discussion where both […]

29 February 2020

Coronavirus… maybe

This week I’ve been keeping a closer-than-normal eye on the coronavirus outbreak¬†(officially “Covid-19”) as I’ve been in northern Italy which seems to be the epicentre of the European cases. I’ve been in Livigno, about 150km from the 11 quarantined towns, but still technically in “Northern Italy” and so subject to warnings about ‘self-isolation’ if symptoms […]

22 February 2020

What should I call my business?

This week I’ve been deliberating what to call my new business. For the last year I’ve been doing freelance work and (as mentioned here) have been looking at how to refine it into a repeatable valuable service I deliver people. Podcasts for companies The initial idea is to make podcasts for companies. More and more organisations […]

26 October 2019

What’s happening in Copenhagen: A rhythm to Copenhagen begins to emerge

Aside from trying to keep abreast of what’s happening (or not) with Brexit, this week has been fairly uneventful. I thought it might be interesting to share an update on how life in Denmark has been going, six weeks in… Danish classes have reached their halfway point and I can now ask simple “What/ Who/ […]

10 August 2019

Favourite new: album; newsletter; procrastination; article; habit

There’s nothing too groundbreaking to say from this week. It’s been podcast interviews, seeing friends and a day-long binge of Stranger Things. What I can share are some (in my opinion) interesting things I’ve been reading/ listening to in case you’re after some distraction this weekend: Album I’ve been enjoying: Run Home Slow by The Teskey Brothers High […]

27 July 2019

Leaving East Africa: A departure from the EU results in a departure from EA

This week I have some fairly big news: after 3 years in East Africa, I’m leaving next month. In a fairly direct way, it’s because of Brexit. Moving to Denmark I met my girlfriend in Kenya about two years ago. She’s Danish and has worked for a couple of companies in Nairobi since arriving. We […]