Google Maps, Mandarin, Pet Sitting, Pop Music

samfloy~30 March 2019 /Random

Not had tons of time this week to think of something “proper” to write, and so instead here are some articles I’ve been reading which you might find interesting too:

System for saving good restaurants

A friend has started saving the location of restaurant and cafe recommendations using Google Maps. Comes in handy if you’re in a different part of town and want to go to that place you’ve always been meaning to go

Mandarin in Uganda

Article on how a Chinese lady is setting up language lessons in Uganda. The Chinese presence is becoming more and more visible in the area of Nairobi that I live in, and I can’t help thinking that (especially as Sino-African tourism increases) learning Mandarin in East Africa must be good strategic choice for young students when deciding what to study.

Travelling whilst pet sitting

A conversation this week about how some people travel around the world staying in accommodation for free in exchange for looking after people’s dogs/ cats. The article shows the glossy side of living in such a way.

History of pop music

Starts with how microphones were invented in Germany so mass rallies could hear their leaders, and then goes into how the popular music industry began, and its various evolutions since.

In other news…

We’re approaching the end of March/ Q1. For those who have sent over some resolutions this year, I’ll be sending over a little message later this weekend to see how you’re getting on.

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