4 April 2020

Wholesome self-isolation activities?

As staying indoors every night drifts into stubborn normality I was wondering if you could help with some good wholesome ideas for what to do during lock down. My definition for “wholesome” is to feel unequivocally good about it afterwards, which doesn’t (always) happen after watching one’s eighth episode of Parks & Rec. The initial […]

28 March 2020

Virtual becomes a reality?

As more of the world enters “lock down” mode, strange behaviours seem to be becoming quickly normalised. The big one seems to be the propensity to do video calls. Just get on with it I read a tweet which resonated as I’d just said the exact thing to two separate people. Still getting people proposing in-person meetings […]

14 March 2020

Coronavirus as a foretelling of…

The inescapable news this week (in Europe/ the US, at least*) has been the continuing rise in outbreaks of coronavirus, and government measures to curb it. The effects have gone to the core functioning of the global economy: Lower industrial activity: as (Chinese) factory workers stay home (more here) Oil prices going down: less travel/ […]

15 February 2020

Live in the future, then build what’s missing

One evening this week I got chatting with a friend about what business/ freelancing ideas he could do. He’d been spending a lot of time lately getting inspiration on the latest “no code” technologies (i.e. how to build apps without being a coder) and subscribing to cutting edge services being developed out of Silicon Valley. It reminded […]

8 February 2020

Sustainable fashion + where to put bad bosses

Over lunch in the office canteen this week I got chatting to a Danish artist and a French guy who works in advertising. The former was exhibiting some work in the cafe and the latter is someone who works a few desks away from me. We spoke about the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week because the […]

25 January 2020

Don’t cry over spilt milk: An idiom for many languages

A discussion in my Danish class this week led to an interesting observation: several (European) languages have the expression: it’s no use crying over spilt milk. We were asked to explain what the phrase “græd ikke over spilt mælk” might mean. The teacher-directed the question to an Italian lady in our class who couldn’t explain it in […]

21 December 2019

Resolutions + Random Things

In this last post before Christmas we have a variety of things and so, well, let’s get to it. 2020 Resolutions As a new year approaches, it’s often time to talk about resolutions. They’re not for everyone, but I find it’s a nice opportunity to pause and reflect on where you’d like to be channeling […]

7 December 2019

Can you hear the lyrics to songs?: How your brain interprets sounds

Project Making Friends in Denmark took another step forward this week as I went for beers with a couple of Danes and ended up chatting, drinking and playing dice (common in Danish bars it seems) for several hours. One topic we got onto was music. I introduced them to Desert Island Discs which got us talking about what eight […]

23 November 2019

What are the next things to seem outdated?

Over lunch this week my cousin and I got chatting about things from fairly recent history which now seem archaic. The example he gave was someone being in Las Vegas and finding people smoking indoors in the casinos. Smoking indoors was banned in the UK in 2007, and (whilst I wasn’t spending that much time in pubs […]

12 October 2019

Scandi furniture + Kenyan flowers

Yesterday afternoon I made a trip to IKEA. I was hoping that being in Scandinavia would make it some utopian, joyful experience but alas it was very similar to the normal IKEA experiences people have: stressful, disorientating, and resulting in the same fatigue you get from walking around a museum. To reconcile myself I sought […]