4 July 2020

Will there ever be another soft superpower?

I hope the second half of the year has started well for you. In case you missed it, I’m switching this newsletter to be monthly, not weekly. I’m still experimenting the format a bit so let me know what you think of this one! Something I’ve been thinking about recently is whether America is still somewhere people […]

13 June 2020

Do *just* black lives matter?

This week I’ve been trying to think more about the protests happening around the worldwide triggered by the death of George Floyd. Obviously the most activity has been happening in the US, where opinions and actions at the extremes often dominate media cycles. To me at least, I’m less interested in the click bait anomalies, […]

30 May 2020

Crossing the border to see your “boyfriend”?

I had an interesting conversation this week with a friend in Germany who is trying to get back into Denmark. The rules changed a couple of weeks ago to allow married couples to reunite across the Danish border, despite broader coronavirus restrictions. This week it was extended to unmarried couples. The question then is how […]

16 May 2020

Why would anyone work for free?

This week I’ve been thinking about the importance of clarity when asking others for help. I’ve been looking to hire people to work for a podcast project I’m working on in Denmark. As it won’t be generating revenue for a while the pitch is: are you willing to work for free? Obviously this isn’t ideal, and […]

9 May 2020

Trivia time! An aggregation of Zoom quiz questions from lockdown

One of the projects I’m working on at the moment is a podcast that explores things that seem peculiar as an outsider in Denmark. I had the reverse experience when I found myself reflecting on something that my friends/ family in the UK were doing quite naturally when the coronavirus lockdown kicked in: doing virtual quizzes. […]

2 May 2020

Debt for nature: Does it make sense to pay poor countries to preserve nature

The past few weeks my girlfriend and I have been watching Our Planet (David Attenborough series) which has led to discussions about different ways of preventing environmental degradation so shows like it don’t soon get transferred to the history channel.  I won’t pretend to be an expert, but one interesting mechanism from Googling around the topic seems […]

25 April 2020

Short and sweet

My intention this week was a post that was short and sweet. The phrase made me think of a definition of an ├ęclair I’d once heard, but then when I Googled, I’d got wrong. The Chambers Dictionary defined an ├ęclair as “a cake, long in shape but short in duration”. This caused some controversy amongst some dictionary purists who […]

18 April 2020

Why would you not listen to feedback?

This week I’ve been thinking about how best to ask for/ receive feedback.  When doing something you want to improve in it’s generally seen as a good idea to have a “feedback rich environment” where people feel comfortable sharing feedback with you so you, and you feel comfortable hearing it. Often simple things can prevent […]

11 April 2020

How to pay for Covid-19?

At university I studied economics, and this week have been dusting off some of those neurons by reading up on something called Modern Monetary Theory. With all of government stimulus packages to fund small businesses and individuals through this huge external shock it offers some framework into the consequences of all the money just appearing out […]

4 April 2020

Wholesome self-isolation activities?

As staying indoors every night drifts into stubborn normality I was wondering if you could help with some good wholesome ideas for what to do during lock down. My definition for “wholesome” is to feel unequivocally good about it afterwards, which doesn’t (always) happen after watching one’s eighth episode of Parks & Rec. The initial […]