Negotiating with Lions: Why you should never accept the first offer

samfloy~21 October 2017 /Communication/Random

Not much to report this week apart from the faint sound of rallies from near the apartment ahead of the Kenyan re-election next week.

One thing that strikes me is the bolshy rhetoric from both sides to try and ensure they get in a good position ahead of the vote.

It reminds me of a book I read recently called Everything Is Negotiable.

There are many pertinent points around understanding how other people think when going into agreements of any kind, and so I’d recommend to anyone with a passing interest.

The #1 takeaway I took was:

Never accept the first offer

Even if it’s above your asking price, go through the motions of haggling a bit, because otherwise, they’ll regret having not gone lower and end up feeling bitter about the deal.

By having to work for it, they’ll come feeling like they have a good deal.

Claims and demands from both sides of the Kenyan political spectrum are pretty out there right now, and so hopefully it’s just a case of them setting wild expectations to give themselves room to negotiate within.

In other news…

Almost a year ago to the day I wrote this post about non-safari things to do in Kenya. I can now update it, as this weekend I’m off on my first proper safari since moving here. 

I’ll include a pic of any lions etc. next week if we manage to see any…

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