Sam Floy Newsletter (November 2021)

samfloy~6 November 2021 /Newsletter/Personal

From the outside, October appeared to be a busy month with the release/ re-release of two big podcast projects.

In reality, it’s been a similar amount of work, though there’s still been plenty of “life admin” to occupy things, especially around moving apartments in Copenhagen.

Now that we’re in November, the leaves (in Denmark at least) are turning lovely colours and the candles are coming out as the nights draw in. (Did you know Denmark has the highest candle consumption per capita in Europe?).

I hope all is well wherever you’re reading this and speak to you soon!

🤔 Thinking

Things I’ve been thinking about last month

A job without screens
A thought experiment I’ve pondered a few times recently is how I would make a living if I couldn’t look at a screen for more than 1 hour/ day.

Right now, my work is centred around being sat down and working from a laptop for several hours a day. This has many benefits, such as being able to work wherever/ whenever there is a chair, table, internet + being able to earn income from customers not physically close by.

One major downside though is physical – being static for large chunks of the day + staring at a screen for an extended period.

I sometimes wonder what I would do if, for example, I got a concussion.

At first, there is a boundless list of possibilities (mountain guide?!), but after a while, some life practicalities are considered (do I really want to move halfway across the world/ do all the training + grunt work necessary/ be responsible if things go wrong up a mountain) and the list narrows a bit.

My current thinking is that with an hour/ day I could potentially have some sort of business whereby I (or a colleague) manage online enquiries, but then the “delivery” of the service takes place in person. For example:

With a list like this, I sometimes get lost in thought and think that, in the grand scheme of things, maybe in 5-10 years, I should try for a year or two to earn income via one of the above and not be sat down all day.

And then I get back to working on Cofruition and realise that, for now at least, this is exactly what I enjoy doing.

What do you think? What would you do if you had to make a living without e.g. looking at a screen?

🎧 Listening

A selection of podcasts etc. I’ve enjoyed recently

📖 Reading

📼 Watching

We still don’t have internet in our new apartment and so viewing has been way down… We did, however, go out to see the new Bond film which was a good watch