Who are you trying to impress?

samfloy~8 June 2019 /Advice

My housemate and I had a conversation this week about times we’ve found ourselves trying to impress other people, and how to use this as a signal for something more.

He’d been at the group dinner when I’d met my (to be) girlfriend for the first time, and said how, even then, he’d detected that I’d been trying to impress her.

We then got onto how, in our experience, most relationships (business, romantic, friendship) work best when there is a mutual sense of trying to impress the other.

Obviously you can only really know how you find yourself acting towards other people, but if we assume that the strongest relationships are those when both parties are trying to impress, then you should be wary of those where you have no desire to impress the other person.

If your goal/ consideration is to have a “serious” relationship with someone (i.e. go into business together, plausibly become Significant Others) then it might be worth noting whether or not you feel yourself trying to impress them.

If there’s a sense of apathy, superiority, or pushing on “because it makes sense to”, then that might be a sign that there are not the conditions for longevity.

Conversely, if you meet someone for the first time and find yourself subconsciously projecting the best version of yourself to them (and, ideally, suspect they are doing the same to you), then this is probably a good signal to explore where the relationship could go…

In other news…

The place for lunch in the picture is called Cultiva.

They grow their own food on the other side of the brick wall, and serve freshly cooked Latin American cuisine.

The concept is originally from Ecuador and it seems from how they brand it, that the common aspect with their restaurants is that they are all in countries on the equator.

Weekend trivia: how many countries does the equator pass through?

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