4 February 2020

How to think about your career

This is taken from an email exchange with a friend deciding what to do after a false start in their first job. I’ll leave it as I wrote it. Hi mate, So I’ve given some thought to your question on lessons I’ve learnt from my career so far. This is a bit of a braindump […]

4 January 2020

Talking to people about what you’d like

I had coffee with a friend this week who has just started working at a new co-working space. His job is to be the community manager, responsible for recruiting 15-20 people to become regular members at a “creative cafe” in Copenhagen. We got chatting about how the job came about – and the benefits of […]

14 December 2019

Shoulders back: Trying to sort out upper body flexibility

Ever since I did my first yoga class a couple of years ago I’ve become very conscious of my inflexibility. One of my resolutions this year* was to sit on the floor and cross my legs.  As basic as it sounds it’s something that years of playing football and various types of inactivity have meant […]

16 November 2019

Being more disagreeable

This week I’ve been thinking about how to communicate when I disagree with someone. It might sound pretty straightforward, but it’s something I’ve generally struggled with over the years. In effect, not wanting to offend others if I hold a contradictory view to theirs. Below are some of my thoughts. It ended up being longer […]

8 June 2019

Who are you trying to impress?

My housemate and I had a conversation this week about times we’ve found ourselves trying to impress other people, and how to use this as a signal for something more. He’d been at the group dinner when I’d met my (to be) girlfriend for the first time, and said how, even then, he’d detected that […]

1 June 2019

Circadian rhythms: When to do things during the day

Last weekend I listened to this podcast episode with Dan Pink and Tim Ferriss, whilst going for a run. It’s about (in part) how everyone has different energy levels throughout the day, and how having an understanding of this can help in deciding what you do and when. The most practical takeaway was how everyone’s cognitive abilities […]

18 May 2019

“Deep democracy”: Calm conversations about divisive topics

Last weekend I was in Italy with some people who have all done the same entrepreneur course I did a few years ago (though in different cohorts). The format was: ~20 people in a big house Cook/ eat/ wash up/ chill together Each person runs a session to teach something to the group I was describing […]

27 April 2019

How to “sell”?

This week I’ve been to Dublin to give a presentation to the company I’m leaving about the work I’ve been doing. Over the past 18 months, I’ve gone from 0 to “something” in sales and so we felt it would good to share the important things I’ve learned.  I’m generally quite introverted (not your “natural […]

13 April 2019

Loose connections: getting help from friends of friends

This week I’ve spent a decent chunk of time (re) connecting with people who might know someone to take over my job at the end of the month. At a minimum, it’s been nice to pick up conversations sometimes with people I’ve not spoken to in years, for no reason other than circumstance. It’s also […]

19 January 2019

How to find (and keep) a Significant Other

I’ve had a few conversations with people recently about how it’d be nice to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. There were lots of similarities in the conversations. We brainstormed some ideas, and so I thought I’d share the essence in the text below. For those in long-standing relationships, there’s a link for you at the bottom. Anyway, off […]