Wholesome self-isolation activities?

samfloy~4 April 2020 /Random

As staying indoors every night drifts into stubborn normality I was wondering if you could help with some good wholesome ideas for what to do during lock down.

My definition for “wholesome” is to feel unequivocally good about it afterwards, which doesn’t (always) happen after watching one’s eighth episode of Parks & Rec.

The initial list my girlfriend and I came up with was as follows:

and I’m also trying out a “podcast club” (think book club, but for a podcast episode) over Zoom with some friends.

If you have any inspiration/ good ideas you’re willing to share, that’d be great..!

In other news…

I got around to “going live” with my company website/ LinkedIn page this week. 


The idea at the moment is “less is more”. Once I have a better idea of my value propositions/ client work etc. I can add such pages. For now, my aim is for someone to: 

If you have any feedback on words/ copy/ in general, just let me know.

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