5 November 2022

How seeking “perfection” shifts your thinking

I’ve been having a number of conversations with friends recently about things like careers, where to live, projects we are working on. I’ve been trying to work on my approach to tackling these sorts of things and thought I’d share my thoughts. The way I would usually do this is to start with where I am and […]

18 January 2020

“Plant-based” vs “vegan”: Burger King highlights the difference in food diet labels

This week we’re looking at the interesting distinction between people who are “vegan” and those who identify as having a “plant-based diet”. At first glance, the two are synonymous, but once you scratch the surface a little, some fundamental differences emerge. What does it mean to be “vegan”? People I know who have recently begun […]

11 January 2020

Identity politics (a summary)

This week I’m writing down some thoughts I’ve had after reading a book. It’s one that I’m trying to distil my thoughts on, and so thought why not share it on the newsletter to hear what you think also..! The book Identity: Contemporary Identity Politics and the Struggle for Recognition is the latest book by Francis […]

3 August 2019

Thoughts on immigration

This week’s post is potentially a bit touchy, but one that feels useful to write about. As mentioned last week, I’m leaving Kenya at the end of the month, the timing of which is driven by Brexit. One of the big global topics at the time of the decision (/ now) is immigration and upon reading […]

11 August 2018

Ethics + Demolition + Puppies: How ethics are formed + buildings torn down in Nairobi

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about ethics, and where they come from. A friend gave me the book The Moral Animal which is all about the topic, and I’ve just finished reading it. The central argument is that human behaviour which could seem counter-intuitive to your own survival (i.e. why do people feel compelled to put […]