5 November 2022

Semi nomadic parenting

This post is a “work in progress”. Please be in touch if you have any tips/ thoughts! Since our daughter was born last year, my partner and I often think about whether this spells the end for our international travels for the next 18 years, save for some 1-3 week holidays out of term time. […]

5 October 2019

Naked in Berlin: A sojourn to Germany + trip to a spa

I spent the second half of last week in Berlin. Without planning to, my girlfriend and I got naked with a bunch of Germans. A timely opportunity The chance for a trip came at quite an opportune moment. Camilla (my girlfriend) and I both had friends in the city who were about to leave, and […]

25 May 2019

Cycle trip arranged via social media 🚲 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿📱

Last week I undertook a two-day bike ride in northern Scotland to travel up to my friend’s wedding.  The whole process of getting it sorted was pretty fun, and the ride itself was incredibly enjoyable, passing a variety of terrain and affording some lovely interactions with very generous Scottish dwellers. This is a bit of […]

5 January 2017

Finding a Decent Profile Pic in Western Canada

In a slight detour from the East Africa Business journey, I’m updating this week with what I got up to over the festive period. Continuing the tradition of ostensibly treating all forms of travel as being the search for a decent profile picture, this is an evaluation of how the Western part of Canada fares. […]

22 July 2016


Since joining Facebook, the pressure to have an impressive profile picture has been an ongoing concern. In order to counter this worry, I have resorted to taking semi-frequent trips to exotic locations, in the hope that I might be snapped next to something stunning, and therefore evoke the impression that I lead interesting life.

20 March 2013

Finding a Decent Profile Pic

Hagley, England, United Kingdom Wednesday, March 20, 2013 The second task of the South American sojourn was to Find a Decent Profile Pic, and after many many snaps, I finally found one that I was happy with. As it happened, it wasn’t the amazing landscape: rainforests, rivers, mountains, glaciers or caves that hit me most, […]

20 March 2013

Finding Myself

Hagley, England, United Kingdom Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Seeing as four months ago to the day I set off to Find Myself, it only seems right to give a little update on my progress. Don’t worry – nothing too deep.. Meeting hundreds and hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds certainly gives you a new perspective […]

11 March 2013

12.1 and Home

Rio de Janeiro International Airport, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Monday, March 11, 2013 All my time in Brazil was spent in an airport. This is even more of a travesty than when I only saw the capital city of San Jose in 1.1 (that was a while ago wasn’t it?!). Last time I was in […]

8 March 2013

11.8.2 Independiente v Godoy Cruz

Buenos Aires, Argentina Friday, March 8, 2013 Flares, fencing and fanatics probably sums up my second football game in the Argentinean capital. Whereas 11.8.1 had been organised through a tour agency, this time it was much more rogue. It all started in 11.3 a few weeks ago when I met Bruno at the top of […]

4 March 2013

11.8.1 Boca Juniors vs Unión de Santa Fe

Buenos Aires, Argentina Monday, March 4, 2013 Almost immediately after checking into the hostel in Buenos Aires, I was out exploring the streets of the surrounding area, San Telmo looking for an Art Factory (“I thought this was about football?”) Well, the Art Factory in question was the name of a hostel. And in that […]